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This is an interactive strategy game and your objective is - surprise, surprise: collecting points! You can play against a friend or the computer and you can keep track of your scores on the scoreboard. Fallball is platform-independent, so you can play on just about all your favorite devices (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop), all you need is a web-browser such as Chrome or any other browser of your preference.

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Fallball Game anywhere

The Fallball Game is responsible for every device and modern browser. The only tool that you need for play: a modern browser, for example: Google Chrome, Safari... etc.

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"Choose your destiny!"

Once you're logged-in, choose your opponent and let the fight begin!

introduction 3


Collect all of the ribbons and be the best gamer!

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This is a video about the game version 1.5

The new video is not ready for an introduction yet. But soon...